Decision Velocity 3

And industry-first 3D shopping experience to capture highly accurate Purchase Intent.

DV3 Online 3D Shopping
DV3 Online 3D Shopping


More than a decade before the Metaverse and virtual worlds, I lead the initiative to develop the first ever online 3D shopping experience in the marketing research industry. While online surveys pushed the boundaries of what basic images and online forms could do, Decision Velocity 3 (DV3) was able to put the consumer directly in the store and experience a simulated shopping experience like no other.

  • Date

    December 2005

  • Company

    Decision Insight

Problem Statement

Retail companies have always been laggards in the technology space, and developing cost effective ways conceptualize and accurately forecase Purchase Intent has been elusive for many brands. With the advent of the online surveys, the Market Research industry has created more realistic environments and better correlation between survey reporting and Purchase Intent.

But simple 2D photographs of products and grocery story aisles do not move the needle and provide the necessary simulation to forecast real-world shopping behavior. Additionally, retail brands have struggled to find the idle solution to model the best signage and product placement locations without costly trial and error within real stores.


Identify cutting-edge technology and deliver the more realistic shopping experience online.



Being comfortable with new territories, I explored numerous technologies in an effort to identify how to create more realism within our product offerings.


Trial & Error

I pushed the boundaries within Adobe Flash to try and simulate a Z vector, but quickly realized modern computers could not handle this simulation at scale.


Proof of Concept

Discovering a niche technology for independant online gaming companies, I was able to digital assets normally used in 3D Shooters and driving games to create an online 3D convenience store.


Scaling Issues

Computer hardware, internet speeds, and browser capabilities prevented using the gaming technology directly to scale to over 2000 products variations for each individual survey.


Bridging Technologies

Combining our current 2D shopping backend technology to dynamically create 3D products only when necessary, allowed for the system to run at scale for online surveys.


Pitching Clients

As a way to win a new contract for Coors Brewing Company, I developed 3D products and dynamically generated signage for an upcoming survey to be released.


Product Release

By combining the digital assets from the Frito-Lay Proof of Concept and new Coors 6-pack products, I successfully launched DV3 into multiple markets through our partner programs.


Usability Testing

As part of the initial release, phone-based Think Aloud sessions were setup for survey partipants walk our team thru 3D shopping surveys while the system recorded Users for in-world real-time playback.

DV3 Convenience Store Session
DV3 convenience store session
DV3 Convenience Store Session
DV3 rotating Coors products
DV3 Convenience Store Session
DV3 rotating Frito-Lay products
DV3 Convenience Store Session
DV3 checkout at the counter


By pushing the limits of widespread technologies (Adobe Flash) to discover their breaking point, I was able to "fail fast" and move on to more robust technologies (WildTangent). Out of the box thinking and “learning as you go” allowed the theoretical concept of an online 3D shopping environment to come to life.

Focusing on niche online gaming technologies, where 3D Racing and First Person Shooters were developed by Indie companies, I developed an immersive shopping experience, enabling multiple product offerings for the company. By allowing the survey taker to move freely and purchase products from a more realistic store, this allowed our company to collect data and gain better insights on product placement, brand signage, and increased correlation of Purchase Intent.

  • Metric

    Industry First

  • Metric

    6% increase in Purchase Intent confidence


When performing Think Aloud sessions, it is better to be in person or to have a visual of the participants face to make note of non-verbal cues and expressions of frustration.

When roadblocks prevent you from finding a solution, search for a path outside of your confort zone. Anything is possible when you push beyond your own understanding and limitations.


I was responsible for all aspects of research, UX strategy, prototype development, survey design, product testing, in-person and remote Usability Testing, focus group facilitation, Frontend development, backend development, database design, and data analysis.