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Casey Hill

I'm a digital native exploring the boundaries of business strategy and technical architecture in search of design simplicity. In my over 25 years of service in the digital industry, I have worked on a number of fascinating projects and with dozens of highly influential brands, giving me a truly unique perspective.

I have worked in various roles, and for numerous clients/brands, including Pepsi-co, Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen, Frito-Lay, Sprint, P&G, Mars, Pfizer, Abbott Labs, Sanifi-Aventis, On The Border, Guinness, and Johnny Walker. Specialize in strategic marketing initiatives, product development, and User Experience.

I reside in the midwest and enjoy parenting 3 young lads, frequent gym trainings, riding my Street Twin, and picking up after these critters. And I am always up for coffee or drinks to talk shop as well!


UX Architect


Eight (wing 7)

Lego Man wearing a Unicorn Helmet
Artwork: InĂªs Pimentel

I'm a Unicorn

Our industry has become obsessed with swimlanes, and making sure only the right people work on specific areas of a product. Fortunately, I have been around long enough, and have taken advantage of roles to expand my skills and drift comfortably out of "my lane".

This not only allows me to understand all sides of the conversation (w/o Googling), but I can deliver results from multiple areas within an organization. I pride myself on "moving tables", and yes, I am bold enough to call myself a Unicorn.

Hey, that's me!

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Kansas City

(913) 908-2677

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Casey Hill (circa 2017)