Swimlanes are for pools

Part of being in the Digital industry requires the ability to adapt to an ever-changing landscape and get the job done. We are judged by our supervisors and clients by the quality AND quantity of our deliverables. We are measured, revered, and sometimes outcast for our skill sets.

We strive to gain experience and expand our minds, while finding meaning in our careers. But often times we are pigeonholed into roles that align with our resume instead of our aspirations. We are often afraid to branch out because we really hate unicorns.

There is an immediate prejudice surrounding the title you hold, and type of work for which you are qualified and capable of delivering. Are you a right or left side brain? New skills are impossible to learn once you have gone down a specific career path, right? I’m sure you’ve seen the comments and complaints on LinkedIn about companies and recruiters seeking this mythical beast, and many of your colleagues are crying foul...

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