Spirit Airlines Education Site

Spirit Airlines was known to be one of the worst-rated airlines in the business, but it was also one of the most misunderstood as well. The concept of Spirit’s “Bare Fare” needed to be explained to change the perception of the airline. The new branding effort combined a new mobile friendly microsite with the highly engaging illustrations and copy that explained how to best fly Spirit Airlines.


Barkley Holiday Card

Every year Barkley sends holiday cards to clients, vendors, and partners, and in 2013 we created an ADDY Award Winning interactive experience. The beautifully designed and simplified interface was combined with playful and engaging content and was more than enough to make Users want to share the experience on Social Media and spread some much needed holiday cheer.


Sprint Wholesale – Panorama

Sprint Wholesale wanted to present their product offerings in a clear and concise way, and redesign their website to give it a more contemporary look and feel. While working with internal Stakeholders at Sprint, Barkley’s Design and Development teams created and built a very clean and simple website. Barkley receive an overwhelming amount of client praise for the new User Experience and Design of the site.


On The Border

On The Border needed to rebuild their website, which was out-dated and did not work well on mobile devices. While bringing together various teams, including Account, Creative, UX, Technical, and Digital Strategy, Barkley was able to redesign and build a Mobile-friendly and contemporary website.

DV3 - 3D Shopping Experience

3D Shopping Experience

DV3 was the Market Research industry’s first ever online 3D shopping experience for testing of retail product packaging and product placement. The system was developed by utilizing 3D modeling software and an online gaming engine, which was coupled with front- and back-end web technologies. The 3D shopping environment was a revolutionary way to simulate the purchasing behavior of a shopper and allowed researchers to better correlate study results.

Guinness All Sports Invitational

Guinness All Sports

The Guinness All Sports Invitational was a social experience that allowed a User to create a message with the iconic and animated Guinness Founders, and share the message with friends. The interactive experience used Flash animations and audio clips that were combined to taunt and challenge the recipient.

Patient Pathways

Patient Pathways

Patient Pathways was a project designed to educate patients and provide them with resources and tools to help them better understand the benefits and risks of using a specific prescription drug. The web site utilized large-scale streaming video to walk a patient thru the process and procedures that would take place before, during, and after their hip or knee surgery. A library of videos and information guides was developed, along with a shopping cart system that allowed the patient to store, share, or print the materials for later review.

Education Portal

Education Portal

The C4L Education Portal was a system that allowed District Administrators, Teachers, and Test Creators the ability to create, organize, and administer Formative assessments for K-12 students. The original system was overhauled and simplified to allow for easier use by a wider range of Users with various computer skill levels and accessibility issues.

The Copia - Small Grid View

The Copia

The Copia was a web site and online market place for digital media such as books, music, and movies. The client asked us to build this site to support a new line of e-Readers, and this would be the digital content that could be purchased and consumed on the devices. This portion of the project is an example of Flash Development work that dynamically displayed the search results of the books in various formats.

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