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Building the Cerner Digital Experience team and pursuing the website redesign was a monolith project, with a vision to bring Cerner back to the forefront enterprise Health Care IT. The only thing preventing a billion dollar company from realizing this vision was getting 20+ senior executives to come together and agree. It sounds simple enough, but as my team discovered, company politics were at the core of this digital stagnation.

Along with developing a content and feature rich blog of insights, the major design initiative was developing a best-in-class web experience that could drive multiple customer types down a path and into the sales pipeline. To prove the value of what my team delivering I developed the vision and mantra of "Clicks to Dollars", and all of our efforts aligned to surfacing the value of digital experience excellence.

  • Date

    October 2016

  • Company

    Cerner (Oracle)

Current Site

Problem Statement

For over 4 years, the website and overall digital experience practice was either non-existant or a hinderance to sale executives. The digital presence of Cerner was severely outdated, unmaintainable, and was disassociated will all social media and solutions marketing initiatives. There was no team nor experienced individuals running marketing strategy efforts in the digital space, creating a major blindspot in determining what customers were interested in, and where they were at in the sales cycle. Lastly, without gaining stakeholder support and senior executive buy-in, the digital presence would never be a success.


Aligning "Clicks to Dollars" ensured we provided measurable results, while creating a best-in-class experience.


Building the Team

As the Digital Experience Lead, I hired and mentored a team of 10 senior-level managers and individual contributors in design, development, content marketing, data analytics, and project management.


Road Show

Learning quickly that all executives hated our web presence, I lead the "road show" of over 25 discovery meetings to initiate needs assessment and executive support.


Internal Partnerships

The budget limited our ability to utilize external development services, so we found opportunities to partner with internal IT developers to bridge the gap.


External Partnerships

I lead the efforts to align branding and design services with our digital strategy and budget, selecting the best partner within a group of 6 competing agencies.


New Cerner Blog

For a quick win and to show the value of digital experience, our team developed a new Cerner Blog with an Executive Insights series, and data analytics initiative to measure customer behavior.


Directional Menu System

With over 10K products and services sold by Cerner, the information architecture and new menu system was critical to the success of driving customers to the right solutions pages.


Structured Templates

To ensure a cohesive and consistant experience, I lead Usability Testing efforts on various page structures, to allow for an optimized process flow, while maintaining customer engagement.



I helped conceptualize a custom analytics reporting process to be used by Data Analysts on my team to showcase specific customer journey tracking and sale pipeline measurement. Directional Menu System
Directional Menu System Directional Menu System selection
Directional Menu System selection Structured Template with video media and CTA
Structured Template with video media and CTA


By conducting over 50 stakeholder interviews, the road show to redesign drove support and alignment from all departments and senior leadership. The newly developed Cerner Blog provided a platform for Executive Presence and Insight into Health Care technolgoy and innovation, and allowed our team to measure initial customer engagement to elevate specific content.

The Directional Menu System played a critical role for prospective customers with very different needs and backgrounds to engage with the digital content in the was the best suited their perspective. Initial Usability Testing with various hospital employees was difficult to administer, but provided the means to discover this value-added navigation structure and page templates.

Ultimately, by providing the vision of "Click to Dollars", the Digital Experience team was able to delivery strategic initiatives that helped influence over $2.7B in sales pipeline activity. The newly gained trust and support from sales executives, as they now understood the value of digital experience marketing, created internal evangelists for our future efforts.

  • Metric

    $2.7B in pipeline from digital team

  • Metric

    12% sales pipeline increase MoM

  • Metric

    Executive trust gained!


Starting initiatives with a simple vision and mantra ensures all team members understand the strategic direction we are traveling. Also, providing a platform and audience for senior leaders, allows for greater support and trust within a sales organization.


I was responsible for all aspects of hiring, mentoring, and leading a senior team of managers and ICs. I also directly contributed strategic direction and deliverables related to vendor/agency management, executive & client stakeholder interviews, customer journey mapping, data analysis, UX strategy, creative direction, digital strategy, technical strategy, and sales & executive reporting strategy.